Wpf GridControl is a high-performance component based on Wpf technology. Supported Frameworks: 4.0, 4.5 and upper. Available examples demonstrate GridControl features for displaying data, customization, grouping, various sorting types.

Wpf GridControl Demo

The application demonstrates GridControl capabilities and its use as a TreeList component and as a full-featured grid with multiple headers. Numerous examples show different types of data binding (including declarative and conditional) and hierarchy building. Source codes demonstrate implementation of DataTemplates, filtering and grouping.

Wpf GridControl Performance

This application is specifically written to demonstrate the performance of the GridControl in the most severe conditions: all columns are stretched to the maximum width and the data is updated randomly in different parts of the grid. But even at maximum load ( > 60 000 updates/sec) in the grid occupying the entire visible area, the CPU consumption does not exceed 20-25%.

Learn more on GridControl's performance.

Wpf GridControl Benchmark

This application evaluates performance of adding and removing data in different modes, data update performance for different volumes and data filtering, sorting and dynamic regrouping speed. Dapfor is one of a few vendors that describe performance of their components in most detail. This benchmark application can be used to evaluate Wpf GridControl performance on end computer and to get tips on mode and method of grid usage with optimal performance.