About MFC Grid

MFC grid is the first product that has been introduced by Dapfor back in 2007. It is a treelist control with a single header that implements MVVM model in C++. Data objects are the objects of the arbitrary classes with set- and get- methods representing a like of properties of .Net objects. Unlike .Net Grid, MFC grid has only one header, doesn’t support data grouping and can be used to work only with objects of arbitrary classes. Binary version of this product is totally free. Source code and 64-bit grid version are still distributed on paid basis. Supported compilers: VC++ 6.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0

Main features:

  • Event-drven object model
  • C++ objects in rows. In cells - values, returned by methods of these objects.
  • Hierarchical data presentation.
  • Real-time sorting of dynamically updated C++ objects.
  • Real-time filtering of updated objects.
  • Real-time cell highlighting.
  • Single and multiple sorting.
  • Edit in place, MFC editors in cells.
  • Cell tooltips.
  • Fixed or scrollable rows.
  • Fixed or scrollable columns.
  • Navigation between editable cells (Tab, KeyUp, KeyDown etc.)
  • Data sharing between multiple grids.
  • Thread-safe implementation, synchronous and asynchronous patterns.
  • Full customization (colors, fonts, direct drawing in CDC).
  • Selection does not hide background colors
  • Clipboard operations Copy/Edit/Paste. Copy data to Excel/Word.
  • Drag and drop. Drag and drop of hierarchical data
  • No memory leaks. No GDI resources leaks.
  • Binary serialization. All new versions of MFC Grid are compatible with archives, generated with previous versions of MFC Grid
  • Print and print preview.
  • MFC Grid can be used in dialogs, MDI or SDI applications.
  • Available in static or dynamic libraries with or without Unicode support
  • Support for 64-bit compilers (available in a package with source codes).