2016 – Release of Wpf GridControl preserving high performance, threadsafety, cell blinking and other useful features of its predecessor.

2010 – Binary version of MFC grid becomes available for free. Source codes and 64-bit version are still distributed on paid basis.

2010 – Release of .Net Grid based on Winforms technology and all the best features of its predecessor. This grid is fully written in C#. It enables display of multiple headers, column grouping and like MVVM model supports many other ways of working with data. The developers specifically focused on performance and memory consumption. For example, .Net Grid consumers 6-7 times less memory for each row as compared to MFC grid.

2008 – Release of first version of MFC grid. For the first time MVVM model was implemented with MFC/C++. This actually enabled binding to data objects (specifically to get- and set- methods equivalent to object properties in .Net) making it possible to separate business logic from its presentation in the grid. 

July 2007 – Company established. The main objective of the company was to develop high-performance software, specifically grids based on MFC technology. At that time there were no high-performance grids or grids based on now popular MVVM programming model that extensively uses data binding to separate data from presentation. The developers got ready for the hard work and started to pursue this objective.