About .Net Suite

Net Suite contains .Net Grid, .Net Inspector and .Net Logger.

net grid
The latter two components are an important addition to existing application debugging tools. Today application debugging mainly consists either of logging work results to a file or console or of step-by-step program execution in IDE viewing values of various objects. Until the program stops to a break point, object values cannot be viewed. Stopping the application and step-by-step execution means stopping all application threads in time of debugging. This inevitable results in wrong timer operation and makes it harder to debug a multi-threaded application.

.Net Inspector is a .Net control within Dapfor library that is used for inspecting application business logic. When an application is launched (including without IDE), the programmer may launch an inspector using a hidden key shortcut or directly adding the inspector to application menu.  .Net Grid uses MVVM model that can be used for direct access to data objects. The grid can also work with .Net Inspector providing direct access to grid’s data objects. Inspected data is displayed similar to Watch window in IDE debugger. Data can be inspected or modified, and if there are references to other objects – it is possible to move to these objects and work with them directly. Unlike IDE debugger, .Net Inspector doesn’t stop the application but displays all information in real-time. The inspector is a thread-safe control that can be used to view any objects (including objects that are modified by non-GUI thread)

.Net Logger is a control for displaying data logged by the application. This component has sufficiently high performance so it doesn't impact application performance significantly. Besides, to save memory it is possible to restrict information displayed in logger to a maximum number of lines. The logger is hierarchical, i.e. it supports data combination by a certain attribute (e.g. log rows related to sending a certain order to the market).
Another important feature is that any business object can be associated with any log line. It can be convenient for further inspection of this object with .Net Inspector. Besides, this feature can be used to save memory (as string-type object requires more memory than an object containing  price, quantity, execution timestamp and reference to sold or purchased product). This product can also be inspected with .Net Inspector.


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