Simultaneous Binding to Multiple Data Sources

The .Net Grid enables simple connection to different data sources simultaneously. The component model has IListSource interface that enables objects to return a list that can be bound to a data source. In the following example the grid uses this interface to bind multiple data sources.

public class MultipleDataSources : IListSource
private readonly IList _listSource = new ArrayList();

public IList GetList()
return _listSource;

public bool ContainsListCollection
get { return true; }

public void PopulateGrid(Grid grid)
BindingList<Order> orders = new BindingList<Order>();
//Populate orders...

BindingList<Strategy> strategies = new BindingList<Strategy>();
//Populate strategies...

//Combine multiple data sources in the MultipleDataSources object
MultipleDataSources multipleSources = new MultipleDataSources();

//Bind the grid to datasources
grid.DataSource = multipleSources;


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