The most powerful Winforms & Wpf grids
Wpf GridControl & .Net Grid are the best performing grids on the market adapted for real-time applications and displaying huge data volumes. Thread protection makes them safe to use with MVVM model. More about Wpf GridControl and .Net Grid performance.
The Highest Performance
Low CPU and memory consumption. The grids support > 50000 upd/sec. Download Wpf or Winforms demo.
Grid and treelist in one component
Easy to build any hierarchy. Single and multiple headers. Data binding at any hierarchical level
Rich editors
Editing data in a drop-down combo box or in a cell with any control. Standard and custom editors.
Diagnostic Tools
Useful and convenient debugging tools, business logic inspection.
From the Blog
A new version contains support for Windows 10, as well as bug fixes. The following improvements have been made: [NEW] .Net Grid/Suite is now compatible with Windows 10 The following bugs have been fixed: [BUG] Fixed a bug where in some rare cases .Net Grid could cause an exception during the redrawing data. [BUG] Fixed bug [...]
The new grid version has new filtering features and numerous fixes The following improvements have been made: [NEW] Added support of graphical filters in columns. [NEW] Added the following filters suitable for most applications to Dapfor.Wpf.dll library. FilterFactory.CheckBoxFilter The filter displays a lits of values discovered in grid cells in the specified column. Users can choose one [...]
During development, we discovered that although WPF technology has many advantages, it utilizes a lot of computer resources. Therefore, creating a high quality and high performance product requires significant developer experience and deep understanding of technology. Out developers have invested of lot of effort in GridControl and as the result it has all the advantages of its [...]